Hello, This is a blockchain project by BOScoin to present a new financial methodology.
BOSCON 2018 will be held at the Seoul Dragon City Baekdu Hall on Friday, December 7.

With the launch of the main net, the most important result of BOScoin,
you can see everything about BOScoin's technology, global community and business area.
Please feel and experience BOScoin, the hottest icon in the second half of this year, directly on the spot.

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BOScoin Inside

Meet BOScoin's Mainnet, SEBAK, and Voting technology for 1 person 1 vote and so on. You can see BOScoin's own technology.

Dynamics of Blockchain

Meet experts in the blockchain industry with BOScoin. You can get new information about the dynamically changing blockchain.

New Governance

Check out the results of the BOScoin's first Congress voting and start the new governance with BOScoin.

Imagine the infinite possibilities

See for yourself the possibility of infinite expansion of the BOScoin. Also check the first practical case.

Sessions & Speakers

BOSCON 2018 introduces the latest technology trends related to the block chain and
various industrial applications. This event will give you a glimpse into the success stories of the
various industries and the latest technology trends on the following topics.

  • Technical Session

    BOScoin Main Net: SEBAK Minhyo Bae, BlockchainOS CTO

    Governance + Congress Voting Myungsan Chon, BlockchainOS GGO

  • Community Session

    Introduce BOScoin Global Community Scott Matheina, BlockchainOS US Branch Manager

  • Expert Session

    Blockchain Industry Trend Jongsoo Yoon, The partner at Lee&Ko

  • Business Session

    Introduce PF & RIPP Yezune Choi, BlockchainOS CEO

    BOScoin PF Expansibility Jonghyun Kim, BlockchainOS CSO

    Payexpress Jaehyang Kim, Payexpress CEO

    Nature Mobility Jusang Lee, Nature Mobility CEO


Seoul Dragon City 5F Baekdu Hall

95, Cheongpa-ro 20-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea

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