You must register for this event in advance.

Only those who have completed the registration and received the confirmation mail(within a day) and a barcode message(a day before the event) are eligible for attendance.

This is where the organizer’s customers and prospects are invited, and if not, you may be denied attendance.

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A barcode message will send a day before the event.
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The terms of use and privacy policy

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If you do not agree to the terms of use and privacy policy, your acceptance will be limited.
Personal information and use agreement

Person who receives personal information: BOScoin, Readydo

Collection and use purpose: Newsletters, event/semina information, confirmation of event participation and sales and marketing activities related to future events (e-mail, mobile phone)

Collection category: Name, E-mail, Phone number, Company Name

Retention and period of use: Until information providers request withdrawal or express their intention refusing to use personal information.

The use of refuse right and disadvantage: You can refuse to agree to the use of such personal information, then Boscoin will not be able to provide you with any information or benefits regarding the content.