Sessions and Speakers

[Special] Introducing Voting Result

[Business Session] Introducing PF and RIPP

Yezune Choi, BlockchainOS CEO

Yezune is a top expert in blockchain technology. His experience in software engineering amounts to over 20 years and has been devoted to the development of blockchain technology for the last five years. He developed and operated a local cryptocurrency based on Litecoin before joining BlockchainOS. His goal is to complement and improve the current Smart Contracts in blockchain to provide what we call "Trust Contracts" that can be used in real-world business applications.

[Technology Session] BOScoin Mainnet: SEBAK

Minhyo Bae, BlockchainOS CTO

Currently working on our TokenNet deployment, Minhyo was originally a student studying Political Science and Economics at University, but his interests grew more towards Computer Science to eventually become our Trust Contract Core developer. Prior to joining the team, Minhyo has worked on Data Analysis and Game Development and also has extensive experience in building and managing large distributed networks on the cloud system like AWS, Azure and GCP. Minhyo's current interests lie in CPJ Journalist Security Guide.

[Technology Session] Governance + Congress Voting

Myungsan Jun, BlockchainOS CGO

Myungsan majored in Sociology at Seoul National University and worked as a team leader for Cyworld, which was one of the very first and the largest Social Network Service in Korea. He wrote a book titled "From Nation to Town", which analyzes the communication structure of the 21st century. He has also just published a new book called "The Blockchain Government", and is currently in charge of Business Development and Communications.

[Community Session] Introducing BOScoin Global Community

Scott Matheina, BlockchainOS US Branch Manager

Scott’s interest in computers started in 2010, when he first decided to learn basic HTML and PHP. He began hosting his own blogs using self-hosted wordpress. Over the years, he started finding open source projects to download, and install on his own VPS servers to see how they worked, and learn more about programming and Linux server administration. Through his work with Linux servers, he became a big fan of Linux/GNU, and started researching how to contribute to the Linux kernel. He was successful in submitting several basic kernel patches, and enjoyed being a part of a large open source project. While in graduate school, Scott continued to research open source projects, and became interested in Blockchain technology.

[Expert Session] Blockchain Industry Trend

Jongsoo Yoon, The partner at Lee&Ko

[Business Session] BOScoin PF Expansibility

Jonghyun Kim, BlockchainOS CSO

Jonghyun studied Management Strategy at KAIST and gained extensive experience as project manager for various internet services, especially in the field of music for Melon, Cyworld Music and Mnet. He is also a co-founder of KoreanClick, an Internet Marketing Solution provider. Currently Jonghyun is in charge of Business Development.

[Business Session] Payexpress

Jaehyang Kim, Payexpress CEO

Jaehyang completed his Ph.D. in management engineering at KAIST. Based on cooperation with financial industries and experiences in variety of platform businesses, he established Payexpress. Payexpress has been selected as a BOScoin partner and have been promoting blockchain based payments, loan, mileage projects.

[Business Session] Nature Mobility

Jusang Lee, Nature Mobility CEO